Using the Mirrijini Dispense System

Below is an overview of the benefits of using the Mirrijini Dispense System, select from the following for more detailed information: Mirrijini Dispense System (MDS), Medication Packaging Systems or choose from the menu above.

How does MDS work?

The Mirrijini Dispensing System (MDS) utilises touch screen technology and user friendly software for the safe supply of medicines from a remote health clinic.

Computer capabilities:

  • Records medications dispensed
  • Prints a dispensing label
  • Maintains stock control

Reporting capabilities:

  • Total medicines used in a given period
  • Client medication proļ¬le report
  • Usage report per medication

Information recorded:

  • What medication is being given out
  • Who is giving out the medication
  • Who is the medication going to
  • Who authorised the medication
  • What directions are to go on the label

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